inXitu (Olympus)

Category: Air Status: Acquired Website: InXitu (at Olympus)
Description: (Update: Acquired by Olympus). inXitu has been developing a low-power, passively-cooled, grounded-anode miniature x-ray source to be deployed in miniaturized instruments for surface and subsurface exploration of the solar system. inXitu is also developing solutions targeted for identification and analysis in the areas of explosives, pharmaceuticals, forensics, art and archaeological materials. inXitu‘s new line of instruments will offer performance comparable to laboratory-sized systems with the benefit of portability, significantly reduced sample preparation and reduced cost. inXitu is also developing a line of low-cost, electronic, pollution prevention devices (PPDs) that will preemptively eliminate nearly all toxic and noxious pollutants from ever entering the atmosphere. Originally designed for NASA as an air purifier for space station use, inXitu has re-engineered the PPDs to provide a simple low-cost device for tackling a wide array of pollutants. inXitu will introduce production units that will be fitted to manufacturing lines, residential air-conditioning units and anywhere highly purified air is needed. Hospitals can use them to provide a safe pathogen free environment for operating rooms and gas stations can fit them on storage tank vents to eliminate a major source of hydrocarbon release.
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