Advanced AstrocultureTM (ADVASC) plant growth chamber

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Description: The Advanced AstrocultureTM (ADVASC) plant growth chamber has now "harvested" its second generation of soybeans. This is the first time that soybeans have been grown from seed to seed in space, and it is an important proof-of-concept advance for astroculture. The goal of produce ADVASC is ultimately the production of high energy, low mass food sources during long duration space missions. The principle investigator was Dr. Weijia Zhou, of the University of Wisconsin - Madison, with the payload developed by the Wisconsin Center for Space Automation and Robotics. The ADVASC was "designed to operate relatively autonomously, providing temperature, humidity, lighting control, nutrient delivery, and data downlink with minimal crew assistance." The ADVASC provides 486 square centimeters of growing area.
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