SustainSpace Endeavors Database

Earth limb
Title Category Summary
Show Advanced AstrocultureTM (ADVASC) plant growth chamber Astroculture Crop growth chamber for soybeans
Show Orbital Technologies Corporation Astroculture Produce the Space Garden kit for ISS
Show MELiSSA Project (ESA) Comprehensive Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative
Show Flywheel Program (NASA) Energy Flywheel program for ISS
Show inXitu (Olympus) Air Air sensing and purification
Show Nike, NASA Sustainable Materials Challenge Competitions Competitions regarding waste, energy, health, materials
Show NASA's Sustainability Base Comprehensive A literal self-sufficient spaceship on Earth
Show Project PoSSUM Atmospheric Data Suborbital atmospheric observations
Show Space Portal Enabler Promote space development
Show Bloom Energy Energy Fuel cells
Show Autodesk Building Information Modeling Buildings Intelligent model-–based process for managing building projects with less environmental impact